WASEA Student Employee of the Year (SEOTY) Awards

SEOTY During COVID-19 (2021)

Due to the unusual circumstances resulting from the COVID 19 Pandemic, the SEOTY committee, with support from the poll held at the NSEA conference, decided to honor multiple students. NSEA will not have a National Student Employee of the Year for 2021.  Instead they will take the top 3 submissions from each region and honor their accomplishments.  Additionally, no monetary awards will be issued for 2021.  With so many changes at all of our institutions and many students and colleagues losing their positions, we feel it's best to celebrate more than one student. 

Instead of the form, we have simplified the process by requiring a one page submission letter highlighting the student’s accomplishments.  The top nomination letter from each institution must be submitted to your State Liaison. 

  • Only undergraduate students will be considered for the submission process
  • There is no restriction on length of employment for the student
  • In place of "nomination" we will be using "submission" as there isn't one winner
  • We have provided the NACE core competencies fact sheet to assist supervisors with their submission

Please reach out with any questions or concerns. We appreciate all that you do to celebrate our student employees

2021 Timetable

by December 1, 2020 WASEA's VP of Conferences & Awards distributes announcement and application materials to their members and all NSEA members in their region.
January 29, 2021 SEOTY letters of recognition are due to the campus Student Employment office.
February 12, 2021 Top letters of recognition from institutions are due to each State Liaison
March 5, 2021 WASEA's VP of Conferences & Awards submits top three (3) letters of recognition to the National Student Employment Association (NSEA). 
March 8 - March 30, 2021 NSEA will reach out to those being recognized for additional information for recognition during National Student Employment Week.
April 11 - April 17, 2021 National Student Employment Week observed.
Find Your State Liaison!

Suggestions from the Board:

  • Call for nominations - Publicize the competition widely, put it in your campus newspaper, send flyers to all departments, announce on your campus homepage and any departmental listserv.
  • Selection committee - Be certain it's more than just faculty and administrators. Include clerical staff and one or two students (undergrad or grad). The committee should total an odd number to avoid ties when voting (five, seven, or nine members is recommended).
  • Promote the nomination process by posting pictures of nominees around campus as they are received, put articles in campus paper, on homepage, and listserv.
  • Selection criteria - have some mechanism to consider all students equally and not give too much consideration to complex job descriptions or longevity of service.
  • Award presentation - Be creative in holding virtual celebrations in 2021. Invite your campus president and additional senior leadership to speak with students, play videos of supervisors speaking about their nominees, create a picture collage of all nominees. 
  • Have state government issue a proclamation.
  • Prizes - Arrange for cash scholarship, tuition waiver, or bookstore certificate for winner. Have trophies, plaques, or certificates for all nominees.
  • Hold your recognition event during National Student Employment Week